JSON Resume Pitch #1: Hello

JSON Resume Pitch #1: Hello

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Last updated August 25, 2022
Published August 24, 2022
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Main RXs

  • RX is used as short-hand for Recommendation, comes from the CrossFit World (which I was never a real part of, powerlifter here, but like the term). Originally comes from Dr. Prescriptions (RX). Perhaps Prescription is more appropriate?

RX: Fix Hosting for the Org Website (FIXED? )

I am so very sorry, I was using the wrong domain the entire time. http://jsonschema.org/

Short Term - Need PHP Server Space?

I have a server setup and configured for Laravel apps. Can give you some space on it. Should have it up for a few months at least, then you can just point your domain to it. Let’s Encrypt is installed for SSL, but I’d recommend routing through Cloudflare for SSL + Analytics + Caching for if server goes down. Also DDOS and hiding actual server IP. Wow, no wonder I like Cloudflare, even though that much internet traffic scares me with one provider.

Long Term

  1. www.jsonschema.org
  1. the "Org Website"
  1. Bill Payments Slipping
    1. Does not matter if it is because of…
    2. yearly/monthly renewals
    3. Credit Card changes
    4. Mattias in hospital, “hit by a bus” backup procedures.
  1. Longterm - Switch to SSG with Free Hosting from GitHub Pages and/or Vercel
    1. Using Vercel over Netlify as it seems preferred by some themes (StackOverflow, Greg’s fork of Autumn)
    2. GitHub Pages with Obsidian is best bet.
      1. obsidian-publish-mkdocs
        jobindjohnUpdated Sep 13, 2023

RX: Team Collaboration / Knowledge Base / Tickets

  • Somewhere to put all these notes, and the many more that will come.
  • Somewhere that can publish a public Knowledge Base
    • Preferably by simply moving/tagging Team KB Articles as Public
  • Notion or Obsidian are Greg Stevens tools of choice.
  • Torn between which
    • Notion is prettier, easier, nice static site
      • Static site loads Notion APIs on hits to check for new content
      • Could lead to load/reliability issues.
    • Obsidian is Markdown + git
      • Geeks tool of choice 🤓
      • Should go with Obsidian.
      • Okay…done….
Greg Stevens setup Obsidian Vault for team to test. Requires:
  • Team Emails
  • Team GitHub Usernames
  • Team “MS Teams” for Video Chat or…preferred tool of choice?
  • Hackathon…live stream development of this.
  • Monthly Town Halls - Virtual, Live on YouTube, Posted to YT Channel Afterwards
    • Look at Author of Obsidian Plugin Excalidraw for example amazing YT Channel.

RX: JSON-less Rebrand as Resume Schema

“The standard should be able to export to any format under the sun” Team — JSON Resume,
  • Nothing to do with JSON being bad/good
  • No need to change from JSON
  • Rebranding allows other formats, what the website claims as a Goal of JSON Schema, which I’d quote but the website is down 😱
    • Static host…maybe even git pages.
    • I can help setup a GitHub Actions Workflow to Publish an Obsidian Vault.
      • www.obsidian.md
      • If you haven’t used this as your digital brain yet, you’re missing out.
    • Or we can use www.notion.so for content, and Project Management
      • Use same SSG as GregArts (art.stevens.pro).
      • NextJS, Vercel Hosted, Free
      • Free Notion Workspace by using single user and a shared @gmail.com account.
  • Resume Schema”
    • R comes before S
    • “XML Resume Schema”, “Markdown Resume Schema”, “Whatever Resume Schema” —- all works.
    • Listing shows Resume Schema in with other Resume * packages.
  • Domain Availability - ResumeSchema.org
    • Registered with Namecheap until Dec 10, 2022

Schema in Other Formats than JSON - Brainstorm 🌧

  • Markdown, with TinaCMS
    • https://tina.io
    • Greg - has not used but wants to.
    • Markdown format can be used with any SSG or text editor.
    • Feels like these static resume sites could be down with an SSG.
  • XML Resume Schema

RX: Registry Hosting Planning

  1. Assuming Org Website is separate from the Schematic Resume Registry
    1. (name needs work).
  1. Temporarily take down the Registry
    2. Looks like billing was fixed for Firebase and the Registry Restored circa Aug 17, 2022 (thank you M.)
  1. How long until next billing period/error could happen again?
    1. How long until Registry could go down again?
    2. How many people have access to PROD Registry?
    3. How many people can fix/update PROD Registry?
    4. How many people have access to various JSON Schema projects on GitHub and/or elsewhere?

RX: Analytics - What You Got?

  1. Are Analytics being captured?
  1. What systems? See list below.
  1. Screenshots / share over meeting?
    1. Are visits trending up/down?
    2. Time on site?
    3. Social Interactions?
    4. GitHub Issues?
      Ask Greg about how we can create a Microsoft Power BI Dashboard that reports on GitHub accounts using a built-in connector. So super duper sweet.
      Greg, screenshot TRXN8R GitHub to show awesomenesssssss.

      Screenshot - TRXN8R Power BI - Greg’s First OSS Project

      Played around using Power BI’s GitHub Connector. Super powerful. Especially to get a multi-project, single-pane-of-glass dashboard.

      Screenshot - Greg’s Career Power BI

      Unrelated but cool if you know what’s going on. Ask to know!
      notion image

Larger/Later Items

  1. Working Globally, Internationally, Worldwide, what’s the term?
    1. What time zones are you/team in?
      1. Presuming Europe-ish / other side of world from Canada, eh?
    2. Greg adjusted his AutoHotKey Script to include timezone 2 character code to help working internationally. From the -7 Mountain Time zone.
  1. i18n, localization, Paid Translation Services (l of project, resume data, registry, etc.
    1. Was not thinking Firebase but it came up on search page - https://firebase.google.com/docs/hosting/i18n-rewrites

Revenue or Value Streams (Make $$$$$$$$$$)


Register Charitable Organization


Downstream for Free (Open Source)

  • Existing Packages including:
  • JSON Resume
  • resume-cli
  • Alternative to resume-cli
  • Eventual Rust port so we can call it rustume-cli.
    • Does Rust have any schemas we should look at?>
  • Project goal of schema/resume format being easily exportable/convertable to other formats such as XML, Markdown, CSV, or who-knows-what. Nice to keep format that could be imported/exported from LinkedIn Officially. With enough upstream providers onboard we could make that happen. Companies who want to quickly scan resumes can make that happen. Target the Companies first, easier to change one company’s mind, then we go for Workday, Greenhouse, Indeed, Glassdoor, and other career sites / Applicant Tracking Systems.


      Ideas, both for Paid, Freemium, and OSS Options.
      Who is “Upstream” ?
      • Companies wanting to hire someone.
      • ATS Apps
      • Anywhere a resume would/is submitted to.

      Downstream Revenues/Services - The People

      1. Resume Reviews (we can semi-automate this)
      1. Resume Writing
      1. Translation Services
      1. Traditional Resume Conversions (manual service)

        Also See

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